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Homesmart Air Purifier Information Guide

Homesmart Air


If you’re in the market for a new airpurifier for your home, look no further and contact Homesmartair. For the last few years Homesmartair has been the leading HEPA airpurifier in the market. The technology they use allows for the cleanestair to go directly into your home.

Using a 5 in 1 system, Homesmartair will not only be safer but healthier for your home. This HEPA airpurifier is made up of an activated carbon filter, an antibacterial layer, a high-density HEPA filter, formaldehyde removal, and the last layer is a cold cata lyst filter. Every single layer works together to achieve the healthiest airsystem for your home. However the cold cata lyst is the one the many important since it removes any impurities and basically is the one that purifies theair in your home.

The Homesmarterair has a wide variety of features to simply our clients lifes. For example they have a timer, a turbo, an automatic sleep mode setting, an LED Controls, a Child Lock Setting, and of coarse the 5 In 1 Filter Replacement. It does come with a

3 year warranty as well as a 90 day guarantee, so you can simply try it iut and if you don’t like you can go ahead and just return it for a full refund.

If you are looking to buy this for your home go directly to the homesmart air web site and on sale for $149 you can get a 5% off starting as of now during their summer sale. Even their replacement filters are available with an extra 5% off as well. Don’t wait any longer and do the safest thing for your home, go ahead and give them a call at 866-596-7417.